Cutting edge and affodable sensors for growers, crop advisors, researchers, data analysts or third party developers

Farm21 makes it possible to deploy a fine grid network of low-cost sensors that can gather 4 to 30 times more data at the same investment. Combined with a platform that enriches sensor data from multiple sources to give hyper localized insights.


  • Affordable hardware

    Our devices are at least 4 times more affordable than similar products. Allowing you to deploy a network of sensors for accurate and hyperlocal data collection.

  • Easy to use

    A 30 second installation is all it takes to get our products up and running. Connectivity and firmware over the air updates included. Anyone can do it.

  • Comes with precision farming platform and API

    Use our advanced precision farming app or build your own dashboard and integrate with the Farm21 API. The choice is yours.